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Using the practices of Nostradamus himself, this psychic opens Cindy’s mind to world she never knew possible – a final, and convincing argument that Fortune Telling may indeed be real.

Why do some people seem to get more than their fair share of luck while others are incredibly unlucky in life?

Can unlucky people do anything to improve their luck – and lives?

Canada’s premiere science fiction author, Robert J.

Sawyer follows the search for the truth behind so-called supernatural phenomena and once again presents an insider’s view into other wordly adventures from near death experiences and after life experiments, to modern miracles and guardian angels. Produced by Arcadia Entertainment Some believe Fortune Telling is an art – dating back thousands of years – practiced by millions around the world.

Original series premiere dates: January 6 – 18, 2013. But others say it is all fraud – a slick business run by fraudsters and criminals – in search of the big bucks.

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Our investigator, actress Cindy Sampson, from the hit series , begins a quest to uncover the truth – locating North America’s top Fortune Tellers – and putting them to the test.

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